Saturday, June 12, 2010

Kick A**, Blame someone else or take responsibility!

There is a sharp contrast between the behavior of our current President and that of a true leader, like Coach Wooden. The behavior itself is measured by the willingness to take responsibility as contrasted with looking for scapegoats and pointing fingers.

In a recent eulogy for Coach Wooden there was a great deal of credit given to Wooden's father who himself had strength of character that he shared with his son. Then Coach Wooden was able to set an example and share his character traits with generations of young athletes. The result was an outstanding record of winning ball teams.

Unfortunately our President did not have this advantage. He had opportunities for education at prestigious schools, but that apparently did not compensate for the lack of a father and mother who could provide him with ideals and help build his character by example.

Other leaders are able to develop strength of character through their church and religious upbringing. Instead we have a President whose religious mentor is Jeremiah Wright. Twenty years under the tutelage of this man is almost certain to distort one's character. Specifically, when you hear time after time that "whitey has taken all the good stuff and the other races are entitled to demand what is coming to them right now!", the mindset of entitlement trumps any inclination towards justice.

I recognize that our President is very intelligent. However, intelligence, common sense, wisdom, patriotism and strength of character are all personality traits that we like to strive for. Intelligence by itself does not cut it.

Hopefully our President will recognize soon that simply blaming George Bush, British Petroleum and the Republicans is not going to solve any of the very real problems in our country. He needs to recognize the significant gaps in the character building phase of his upbringing and perhaps start on a twelve-step program of recovery. In the mean time all we can do is pray for God's intervention. In the addiction business they call it "tough love".