Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Warning.  This is political.  My emotions were arroused by a Facebook post that showed up on my Facebook page.  Specifically, one of my friends posted on her Facebook about all the experience of Hillary in the White House, in the Senate and as Secretary of state.  My comment is

I beg to differ with a dear friend.

After a phone call at 2am...We have Bengazhi. After the reset button for Putin...We have Crimea with the rest of Ukraine also threatened. After the line in the sand we have Alepo and millions of refugees threatening Europe and the US. After our sailors were captured by Iran...Iran has $1.7 billion cash to fund nuclear expansion and Islamic terrorism. After a few years of Bonnie and Clyde running the Clinton Foundation we have Russia owning most of our uranium.

We do not need more of this kind of experience.
In November we need our own reset button.  Obama promised change.  Unfortunately the change we need goes in exactly the other direction from the one he and Hillary envision.