Wednesday, February 01, 2006

La Galleria -- Fine Italian Cuisine

We bought a restaurant in Edmonds today. Our younger son, Josh, is coming back from Montana to run it. It has been operating as an Italian restaurant for 19 years under a variety of names and owners; two recent names were Ciao Italia Ristorante and Ciao Stella Mia. Josh will be the owner/manager with the new name La Galleria.

In case you are in search of great Italian food and a selection of fine wines, check it out. Edmonds is on the Amtrak line just north of Seattle and it has the terminal for the Kingston ferry. La Galleria is located at 546 5th Ave S, Edmonds, Washington. It turns out that 5th Ave S is the same as highway 104, so driving north from Seattle on I-5 then exit 177 north-west from I-5 towards Edmonds/Kingston ferry (Do Not take the ferry turnoff) takes you right on to 5th Ave S. It is only a few blocks from the ferry terminal or the train station. Map


Ann said...

We enjoy eating here in Edmonds and supporting our local businesses. Josh has done a very nice job with this restaurant, the menu has changed slightly the food is prepared well, great service and a nice guitar player in the background. (Josh even lets us bring our own wine for a small cork fee) I think this is a little hidden treasure in downtown Edmonds.

michelle79 said...

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