Wednesday, April 10, 2013

About Gun Violence and School Shooting

There are two parts to this BLOG:
  1. My comments concerning the current gun debate
  2. An excellent blog and links about school shooting.

1) My Comments

The 2nd Amendment of our U,S, Constitution provides each of us the right to keep and bear arms not only to hunt, target practice and protect ourselves against criminals, we also need guns to protect us against an abusive government.  That last purpose is why
  • We do not want restrictions on the type or capacity of guns and firearms
  • We do not want registration requirements that allow the government to know who has guns or a description of those guns;  we do not want the government to be able to confiscate our guns.
  • Most of the new gun laws that are being proposed will restrict law-abiding citizens but not psychotic and mentally unbalanced people and criminals
  • Concealed Carry permits and background checks should be used only to screen out those psychotic and mentally unbalanced people and criminals intent on harming

2) Excellent BLOG, (check out the full version)

"School Shooters – The Huffington Post Doesn’t Want You To Read This"Posted on March 4, 2013 by Peter Brown Hoffmeister

Full Blog:

PB Website:

Selected Quotes from BLOG:
  • What follows is an op-ed article on a piece of the school shooter puzzle. I don’t pretend that this covers everything, but here is a key component from my point of view. And as a current high school teacher and a former troubled teen, I have a strong opinion on the topic.

  • I carried a loaded pistol my junior year in high school. I stuffed it in my belt, ready for use. 
  • The next year, I carried a sawed-off shotgun in my backpack.  I liked guns and I had access to them.  But I also carried a sheath-knife.  I was obsessed with weapons of all kind. For a while, I carried a framing hammer. 
  • Thankfully, I never shot or stabbed or bludgeoned anyone.
  • Have you ever heard of a school shooter who’s hobbies are kayaking, rock climbing, and fly-fishing?
This Might Help: 
Peter Brown Hoffmeister is co-founder of the Integrated Outdoor Program (IOP)

The Integrated Outdoor Program (see AP article) is a combined English and outdoor-pursuits course that was founded on the principle that students need to have a deeper connection to the natural world. Recognizing the truths of Nature Deficit Disorder and Leave No Child Inside, the IOP is a counter-culture program, a program that combats Affluenza, teaches gratitude, survival, and the new dream, and encourages environmental consciousness.

More Help, A Selected BLOG Comment:
pastorparadox on April 5, 2013 at 2:07 pm said

  • A question I have is how many of the kids who committed these violent acts had dinner with their family around the table with the T.V. off? That is a great place to start.

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